Jens (pronounced "Yents")

A major complaint I hear about therapy is "My therapist just sat there and hardly said anything. I got nothing out of it." Working with me is just the opposite.

My style is verbal engagement that challenges the client to explore, learn and grow. Instead of watching the clock I will remain actively engaged in a dialogue with you making the most of our time.

The therapeutic working environment should help a client gain insight, learn new ways of thinking and behaving, and move an individual towards the goals identified together in order for you to live a better life.

Clients describe me as warm and compassionate but someone who won't let them get away with not working: a therapist who is direct and honest. I believe that including irreverent humor helps to tolerate the pain and frustration that often come with the issues people bring to the table. 

My ultimate goal for you is to experience the power of and transformation of this work.

Working with me blue