Due to the complexity and pervasive nature of addiction, I wanted to provide a specific page to my work in this area. I am a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC) and was a staff therapist for three years at Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital's Center for Addiction Medicine. Alexian Brothers is one of the top-ranked psychiatric hospitals in the country and the Center for Addiction Medicine has an impeccable reputation for delivering excellent care to people suffering from addiction and substance use issues.

My experience includes working with adults, adolescents and families dealing with chemical dependency (drugs and alcohol) or other addiction disorders (process addictions) such as internet, gambling, shopping, work, exercise, pornography and sex.

Addiction is complicated and requires a therapist who can help a client achieve their goals whether total abstinence or harm reduction. Furthermore, many people suffering from addiction are also dealing with an additional psychiatric problem (dual diagnosis) such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. I am experienced in working with dual diagnosis clients. We can address both your addiction and other issues at the same time.

You do not need to identify as an alcoholic or addict for me to work with you. If you are simply someone who would like to decrease substance use or compulsive behavior you find problematic, I can certainly provide help.